What If People Would Actually Pay You To Repair Their Credit?
What If People Would Actually Pay You To Repair Their Credit?
Amazon's Best-Selling Book On Starting A Credit Repair Business
Amazon's Best-Selling Book On Starting A Credit Repair Business
Claim Your FREE Copy Of The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Credit Repair Business
Claim Your FREE Copy Of The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Credit Repair Business
Launch your profitable business with just a computer and a phone!
Launch your profitable business with just a computer and a phone!
What Is This Book About?
Credit repair is profitable. It’s a recurring-revenue business that you can launch with just a computer and a phone. Learn to repair credit for yourself and others and start your own profitable business from home. 

Credit Repair Professionals are always in demand and can earn $10,000 to $20,000 per month (or more). The most successful credit repair businesses all follow the very same methods and this book breaks it down into easy to follow steps. You’ll learn:
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If you’ve been thinking about starting your own credit repair business, this book will drastically shorten your learning curve. It’s the most comprehensive book available on the credit repair business.
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • The recipe for a profitable credit repair business - pg. 20
  •  An easy checklist for starting a credit repair business - pg. 21
  •  A simple explanation of credit reports and scoring - pg. 26
  •  What a low credit score really costs you - pg. 28
  •  How your credit score affects your interest rate - pg. 28
  •  Ordering credit reports - pg. 29
  •  Getting credit reports for free - pg. 30
  •  How do items get on a credit report?  - pg. 32
  •  How do I make money with credit repair? - pg. 36
  •  How do I get a lot of clients? - pg. 37
    And That's JUST The First 37 Pages...
    But it doesn't stop there...
    From there I transition to these credit repair business secrets:
    • Simple explation of The Fair Credit Reporting Act, the law that makes credit repair work - pg. 37
    •  How to have (and maintain) perfect credit - pg. 41
    •  Dealing with negative (but correct) information on your report (and collection agencies) - pg. 44
    •  How to negociate lower credit card interest - pg. 47
    •  Easy 7 steps to boost your credit score - pg. 49
    •  Basic steps for repairing credit for clients - pg. 54
    •  How to read a client's credit report - pg. 58
    •  Pro tips for writing dispute letters - pg. 68
    • What is the factual dispute methodology & how you can use it - pg. 71 
    then the book goes into easy methods for writing dispute letters:
    • Which dipute letter shoud I send? - pg. 78
    •  Real examples of round 1 dispute letters - pg. 85
    •  Real examples of round 2 dispute letters - pg. 88
    •  What to include with the dispute letter (to make sure it's not rejected) - pg. 91
    •  Exactly how many dispute letters you should be sending - pg. 96
    •  What is the the date of last activity - pg. 97
    •  How to get a goodwill deletion - pg. 99
    •  How to submit proof - pg. 103
    •  How to dispute the e-Oscar system - pg. 104
    •  How to respond when the credit bureau says "your letter was supicious" or "the dispute is frivolous" - pg. 105
    •  How to become an expert on debt collection practices - pg. 108
      Then we go into the easy business basics of credit repair
      • 10 tips from experts on starting your business - pg. 116 
      •  How much should I charge my clients? - pg. 124
      •  Blueprint for the super-simple sales funnel for credit repair - pg. 125
        How to create a killer sales script - pg. 131
      •  How to name your comapny - pg. 147
      •  How to setup your website - pg. 148
      •  How much to charge your clients - pg. 149
      •  What is a merchant account and gateway - pg. 151
      •  Business cards, flyers, brochures - pg. 152
      Then I'll show you how to have success with clients
      • How to make clients love you (while you make more money) - pg. 158
      •  3 questions to ask new clients - pg. 163
      •  How to get started with your new clients - pg. 165
      •  How to educate your clients - pg. 170
      •  How to give amazing customer service - pg. 174
      •  How many credit cards should a client have? - pg. 178
        Then I'll teach you a proven way to grow your business to be largely profitable with different easy marketing tactics
        • How to market yourself online - pg. 186
        •  How to collect and use customer testimonails - pg. 189
        •  12 tips for a killer website - pg. 194
        •  What the most important page is on your website - pg. 198
        •  Secrets to getting affiliate referrals - pg. 202
        •  How to pay affiliates - pg. 202
        •  Sales script for your affiliates - pg. 203
        •  5 ways to make your affiliates love you - pg. 207
        I also include free credit burau letters for:
        •  A Basic Round 1 Letter - pg. 188
        •  Basic Round 2 - The “Prove-it Letter - pg. 191
        •  Validate Debt - pg. 193
        •  Demand to Comply with Investigation Request - pg. 195
        •  Round 2 (Alternate) If the Credit Bureau doesn't respond - pg. 197
        •  Dispute Follow-up after no response for 60 days - pg. 199
        •  Intention to File FTC Complaint - After 30 Days - pg. 201
        •  Intent To File Lawsuit for FCRA Violation - pg. 203
        •  Request Removal after Creditor Verification - pg. 205
        •  Frivolous Dispute Response - pg. 207
        •  Reply to Accusation of Credit Repair - pg. 209

          And free credit letters for:
          •  Creditor Letters - pg. 211
          •  Goodwill Deletion - pg. 212
          •  Pay for Delete (offer payment if negative items removed) - pg. 214
          •  Debt Settlement Offer to Dismiss Court Judgment - pg. 216
          •  Debt Settlement Offer - pg. 218
          •  Cashed Check Constitutes Payment in Full - pg. 220
          •  Validation of Debt (after dispute to bureau) - pg. 223
          •  Creditor Letters - pg. 225
          •  Validation of Debt - pg. 226
          •  Validation of Debt (Estoppel by Silence) - pg. 228
          •  Warning Violation for Expired Debt Collection - pg. 230
          •  Temporarily Stop Collections - pg. 232
          •  Pay for Delete (Offer Payment if Negative is Removed) - pg. 233
          •  Cease and Desist - pg. 235

          What People Are Saying About The Book On...

          What People Are Saying About The Book On...

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